Leadership Development 5.0 for Educators: From theory to practice

21 December 2019 | 12:13 Code : 78 News
The AUAP along with Jagran Lakecity University, Bhopal, India and Krempl International Communication, are holding a faculty development seminar in August 2020.

The Secretariat is  pleased to announced that the AUAP will conduct a three-day faculty development seminar at the Jagran Lakecity University, Bhopal, on August 19 – 21, 2019. This three day seminar is on "Leadership Development 5.0 for Educators: From theory to practice." The host and partners of AUAP in organizing this seminar are Jagran Lakecity University and Krempl International Communication.

The seminar will be conducted by Mr. Stephen Kremple, Founder and Principal Consultant of Kremple Communications International or KCI who will come all the way from the United States to India for this event on August 19 – 21, 2020.

In his communication, Mr Krempl reiterated that:

Much is expected of Universities and Institutions of Higher Learning by business, government, society and the multiple stakeholders within these institutions (including learners, staff and supply chain partners).

Faculty has the challenging role of taking on the Leadership mantle to inspire and align staff's performance to exceed expectations through constant value adding innovation. While academics in Business Schools offer cutting edge theories of effective leadership, we believe all academics are expected to "model" the change they prescribe, and their leadership actions should be congruent to best practices in the market place.

Thus, he designed a special program for AUAP, the details of which are available here. The seminar fee includes lunch, morning and afternoon coffee or tea for three days. The deadline for the registration is June 30, 2020.

As this is a special program designed for AUAP, we hope that you will take advantage of sending your staff to attend this course in India instead of needing to send them to Washington State, USA or to Singapore, where KCI programs are normally held.

We look forward to welcoming you and your participant to this seminar on "Leadership Development 5.0 for Educators: From theory to practice" at Jagran Lakecity on August 19 – 21, 2020. As we can only accommodate the first 40 participants, registration will be on a first come first served basis. For more information, please contact the Secretariat via email auapheadquarters@ g.sut.ac.th

Photos from the 1st AUAP Leadership Development Seminar with Mr Kremple

To get an idea of what this program will be like, check out our gallery below from AUAP's 1st Leadership Development Seminar with Mr Kremple held at Sias University, Bangkok. We are confident this year's event will be just as enjoyable, informative and useful for participants.

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