42th WFUNA's Plenary Assembly&The 3rd WFUNA Global Youth

Every three years,WFUNA's Plenary Assembly brings together representatives from over 50 United Nations Associations (UNAs) all around the world to establish our organization's goals in support of the United Nations.

The upcoming 42nd WFUNA Plenary Assembly will be preceded by a seminar on " Peaceful,Just and Inclusive Societies" as well as capacity-building sessions on a variety of topics including preventing Sexual Exploitation and Abuse (SEA) at the UN, Global Citizenship Education,financing, and community engagement. The Plenary Assembly will then review and admit new UNAs and elect WFUNA's leadership including President,Vice-Presidents, and Executive Committee

The 3rd WFUNA Global Youth Forum will be held in conjunction with the
Plenary Assembly,providing a space for youth representatives from United Nations Associations Youth Sections and United Nations Youth Associations to meet,share best practices,find opportunities for collaboration,and elect our Youth Network's leadership to the Youth Advisory Council.

Join us in Punta Cana for an unparalleled experience in global citizenship and participate first-hand in strengtheni ng the United Nations.