Report IUBC

The 2nd AUAP Inter- University Basketball Competition (IUBC) was hosted by SIAS International University, China from 16-22 Nov 2018. The competition started with an opening speech delivered by Dr. Ronaldo Carcia, member of the Advisory Council, on behalf of Association of Universities of Asia and the Pacific (AUAP), and the AUAP President, Dr. Sunghee Num. He offered unconditional appreciation to Dr. Shawn Chen, the Chairman and Founder of SIAS International University, and the Chairman of AUAP Advisory Council, for making the event a reality. He also thanked SIAS International University for the Provision of state- of-the- art facilities, unquestionable hospitality, and wonderful accommodation for AUAP staff, and all participants.
The fighting spirit of Surabaya University to participate in the competition after the team spent two (2) nights at Singapore Airport and Bangkok Airport because of the typhoon was acknowledged. The participation of the University of Saint Joseph in the competition was deeply appreciated considering that they left Macau late, after the horrible typhoon struck their city.
A total number of 10 teams, from 10 universities and 6 countries:
1.    Sias International University, China.
2.    Henan University, China.
3.    Hubei University of Technology, China.
4.    Zhengzhou University, China.
5.    University of Saint Joseph, Macau, China
6.    I-Shou University, Taiwan.
7.    Notre Dame of Jolo College, Philippines.
8.    Suranaree University of Technology, Thailand.
9.    University of Surabaya, Indonesia.
10.    University of Tehran, Iran.

participated in the competition. The competition commenced with the first match between Zhengzhou University, China and I-Shou University, Taiwan. The match ended 88-86 in favor of Zhengzhou University. After several days of interesting matches among the participating teams, SIAS International University, China and University of Tehran, Iran, played in the Final Round. The match was a close contest, but University of Tehran, Iran emerged as the winner of the competition.
The presentation of Awards was an important part of the closing Ceremony of the 2nd AUAP Basketball Competition, which took place on 22nd September,2018, at 22:00 pm.
The presentation of different prizes was made by:

•    Ms. Supaporn Chuangchid, the Executive Secretary of AUAP, who presented the following Awards: AUAP Athletic Spirit Prize, AUAP Special Prize, and AUAP Excellent Volunteers.
•    Mr. Wu Hua, the Vice President of SIAS International University, presented prizes to five teams (4-8).
•    The Vice President of SIAS International University presented prizes to the top 3 teams.
•    Prof. Wang Julian, the Executive President of SIAS International University, announced the march of all teams. For information, the ranking of the ten (10) teams are as follows:
Result of 2nd AUAP International Universities Basketball Competition (September 17th – 22nd, 2018) at Sias International University, China

Ranking of the 2ndIUBC



1st and MVP

University of Tehran



Sias International University



Zhengzhou University



Henan University



Hubei University



Notre Dame of Jolo College



University of Surabaya



Suranaree University of Technology



I-Shou University



University of Saint Joseph

Macau, China