Global Leadership Program

The purpose of this program is to enhance student leadership, relational, academic, and cultural abilities. AUAP members are encouraged to host this program, which has immense impact on students in their future employability prospects and their future working lives.

AUAP Secretariat can provide further information about all programs.

Sports and Cultural Activities

AUAP promotes inter-university sports and cultural activities and competitions amongst its member to further the cause of cooperation and collaboration in the Asia and the Pacific region. Such activities fosters a spirit of mutual respect and recognition amongst the youth of the region.

Industry Academia Collaboration

In order to ensure innovation, entrepreneurship and enterprise, AUAP actively engages leaders from corporates and the industry to interact with the academic leaders and the universities of the region to develop partnerships that promote employability, cutting edge skilling and industry exchanges through immersion programs and internships in the best interest of students.

Student Exchange Programs

Student exchange programs are arranged between universities that have formed partnerships through their individual memorandums of understanding (MOUs). The respective university members arrange these activities among themselves, and AUAP plays an important role in helping build bridges between members.

Under the Student Exchange Programs, AUAP also provides a single point of contact to efficiently help and arrange the logistics of student exchanges to their desired destinations. This process is arranged directly with and through the individual partnerships developed between members. As a network of universities, the AUAP can provide all the connections that are needed to internationalize your university.

Internationalization of your University

AUAP can help universities to internationalize and form associations with other universities, and expand and create connections throughout the world. In addition, AUAP connects all relevant private and public sectors with universities.

Importantly, AUAP creates an opportunity for external parties (Government and Industry) to provide inputs to AUAP member universities in respect of their requirements. This valuable information can then enable individual universities to tailor their curricula to maximize employment opportunities for their students.

Student Competitions

Student competitions can be arranged and hosted by any member. These events encourage excellence among students by exposing them to new cultures, ideas and innovations. As part of AUAP activities, sports competition such as basketball and cricket, debates, cheerleading and English speech competitions have been added as future activities.

AUAP members are actively encouraged to join or host such sports and other events.

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Global Leadership Programme

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