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Membership of AUAP will give your university access to world class excellence and quality through academic endeavors and exchanges, professional training and the skilling for students. Membership will also be beneficial for the university leadership, the staff and the management teams.

AUAP will assist your university to build important relationships in the Asia-Pacific region as well as internationally, and will provide its vast knowledge repository and outreach to greatly enhance the reach and reputation of your institution. Importantly, AUAP has developed exchange and industry immersion programs, international competitions and cultural exchanges like sports activities that greatly enhances the students’ international exposure and experiences. This in turn increases the their employability prospects in the future.

Membership of AUAP provides many benefits to your university. In this globalized world, AUAP can partner with you and help you achieve your goals.

Take a look at the benefits of membership below and don't hesitate to contact the AUAP Secretariat if you need more information about how your university can become a member and derive the many benefits that it offers.

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